call your girlfriend, it’s time you had the talk / give your reasons, say it’s not her fault / but you just met somebody new / and you tell her that the only way her heart will mend / is when she learns to love again / and it won’t make sense right now but you’re still her friend / and then you let her down easy

you seem to believe you belong to somebody else
when you leave me alone in this world you know that i’m in hell
when you know what it’s like to be lonely and by yourself

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a friendly, laid back harry potter community where fans can come together. we’ve got three exciting different era, AU harry potter rpgs. the nextgen, where a disease that is draining people of their magic is plaguing the wizarding world; the trio’s era following the aftermath of the second wizarding war; and the marauder’s era during voldemort’s rise to power. 

toujours pur
toujours pur
toujours pur


The first meeting of the Order of the Phoenix begins on Wednesday, March 7. Don’t miss it!

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we are young / we run free / stay up late / we don’t sleep
got our friends / got the night / we’ll be alright

your heavy heart is made of stone | and it’s so hard to see you clearly | you don’t have to be on your own | and i’m not gonna take it back | i’m not gonna say i don’t mean that | you’re the target that i’m aiming at | got to get that message home

i know exactly what i want and who i want to be | i know exactly why i walk and talk like a machine | i’m now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy | don’t do love, don’t do friends | i’m only after success | don’t need a relationship | i’ll never soften my grip | don’t need money, don’t need fame | i just want to make a change | i just wanna change | one track mind, one track heart | if i fail, i’ll fall apart  | maybe it is all a test | cause i feel like i’m the worst | so i always act like i’m the best

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